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Hello again. Surprise. On this show I answer the age old question that historical revisionists have been arguing over with feverish furver, but in total futility, ‘what happened to the show?!’.

This is maybe the most heart-felt and least pretentious show to date. Is it entertaining? I don’t know. You decide. But don’t expect me to reveal a huge breaking scandal or anything. Maybe a couple teenie ones. I sprinkle a couple tunes in and lose track of time, so this show runs 1:22:00 mins.

You know it. We know it. The media is corrupt. Fix the Media is produced by Independent Media Solidarity.

This show IS NO LONGER broadcast on the Awake Radio Network, On Air Radio Network & FPRN Radio. But I still support them and encourage you to tune in.

Show Topics:

  1. 1.) Props to Nathan and his channel, “Lift the Veil”
  2. 2.) A premier of another of my musical tracks, “Partly Cloudy”
  3. 3.) I short track I wrote to advertise pizzagate, “Have You Heard about Pizzagate”
  4. 4.) A recitation of an article I wrote recently, “PedoGate: A Commanding Strategy (Framework)”
  5. 5.) Get involved on the social media site, voat.co, It’s pretty cool
  6. 6.) James Comey was held hostage by a rapist at age 15
  7. 7.) IMS has interviewed a cousin of James Comey
  8. 8.) Another of my musical tracks, “Precisely Now”
  9. 9.) A preview of the theme to a “possible” future IMS project
  10. 10.) An explanation of why this show has gone on hiatus
  11. 11.) Russ Baker & his site, whowhatwhy.com has sold out to Soros
  12. 12.) An overview of the recent work by individual IMS members
  13. 13.) Reflections on the death of the great, Allan Holdsworth

Hosted by Peter Klein, Fix the Media is more than just a show/podcast. It’s part of a larger project to restore the public airwaves to the people.

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