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Marvel at the government that just won’t come clean! Maybe Trump can scrub off at least the surface filth. But the situation is the same as it was before Tuesday’s election. It’s a good thing, however to have avoided Horribillery! So this show is devoted to political and election issues.

The first half of our show, Peter shares his unique views about the election and some interesting factoids. In the second half, Peter reads his article that re-evaluates the American citizen’s political leanings, “A New President? Try again, America.” The article was first printed at Memory Hole Blog, but gets a reading here because it’s more relevant today than ever.

You know it. We know it. The media is corrupt. Fix the Media is produced by Independent Media Solidarity and broadcast on the Awake Radio Network and On Air Radio Network.

Show Topics:

  • Donald Trump is the first POTUS to NOT be a _______ in 20+ years.
  • The Left’s initial reaction to losing the great race of 2016.
  • Why IMS isn’t worried about a Republican Supreme Court.
  • A reading of the article, “A New President? Try again, America.”

Hosted by Peter Klein, Fix the Media is more than just a show/podcast. It’s part of a larger project to restore the public airwaves to the people.

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