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Lennon, the Beatles & Jackson are actors used by the media to make a society of servants. I realize this is a bold statement. It is only speculative and one reasonable, albeit shocking theory.

By analyzing a recent paper by Miles W. Mathis on John Lennon we see clear signs of the media’s direct or indirect role in purposely misleading the public. The challenge isn’t learning whether Lennon is still alive or not. It’s to learn which mega-corporations are behind certain events or contrived news, which of those are major news media and whether they are at war with each other or conspiring together.

We listen to the show wrap-up from Caravan to Midnight in which myself and David Weiss were guests that I think includes some great and inspirational messages. In this show’s continuation of our series, analyzing the work of Michael Cravey we have the most interesting clip yet. Let’s call it simply, “Who Borrowed Michael Cravey’s Twitter?”

You know it. We know it. The media is corrupt. Fix the Media is produced by Independent Media Solidarity and broadcast on the Awake Radio Network and On Air Radio Network.

Show Topics:

  • The real purpose for the film, Spotlight and its Best Picture award from the academy.
  • Analyzing the recent Miles W. Mathis paper suggesting John Lennon is still alive.
    • The hard-to-find film, “Let him be” includes compelling evidence it probably didn’t intend to.
    • Was Michael Jackson as far in debt as the media claimed, or was something else going on?
    • The sales of music by the Beatles, Lennon and Jackson don’t add up.
    • Lennon’s death is a strange tale and the famous Lennon/Chapman photo was fudged.
      Photo #1: http://fixthemedia.com/ftm/FTM_show10_lennon01.jpg
      Photo #2: http://fixthemedia.com/ftm/FTM_show10_lennon02.jpg
    • Was much of Jackson’s war with Sony part of a larger war between Sony and the NWO?
  • A clip from the 1/28/2015 episode of Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells.
  • Analyzing the most interesting and bizarre Michael Cravey video yet.

Hosted by Peter Klein, Fix the Media is more than just a show/podcast. It’s part of a larger project to restore the public airwaves to the people.

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