Fix the Media – Show #4

10.09.2016   admin     1,685 Comments

Today we get closer to actualizing the Fix the Media project in all of its forms. In this case, the documentary form. During this show, we play the pre-production version

Fix the Media – Show #3

2.09.2016   admin     938 Comments

Today’s show is devoted primarily to the concept of discernment. If we can all agree that it’s best to completely ignore the main stream media, what then is left? Independent

Fix the Media – Show #2

25.08.2016   admin     1,589 Comments

On this show, we interview Winston Smith, fellow podcaster, blogger and activist. He operates the multi-format, multi-media website, Wolves and Sheeple. Winston and IMS share many of the same views

Fix the Media – Show #1

24.08.2016   admin     1,618 Comments

Our kick-off show! And because it’s the first show, much of the show is devoted to back story. A brief history of the show host, Peter Klein as well as