Fix the Media – My Trusted News Sources, How the News & Entertainment Media Is Broken

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In this show, we go over a list of persons whom I suggest are either trustworthy or possess uncanny investigative skills as well as a list of sites in which

Fix the Media – Interview with Dan of New Liberty Times

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This is most likely our best show so far. Most of the show is devoted to a great interview with Dan of New Liberty Times, the YouTube channel who produced

Fix the Media – How to Fix the Media in Your Life, Howard Gossage, QK-Ultra Interview

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I thought last week’s plagues working to make life difficult were bad. This week is already a cinch to top last week. Not only did my 2 1/2 hour interview

Fix the Media – Clips from a Peter Klein Lecture

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“The Groom of the Stool was seen to be in tears.” That, my friends is the report I hope to hear that will signify that the media has been “fixed.”

Fix the Media – Boston Marathon Blowout!

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Today’s show is devoted to the Boston marathon bombing topic. Think the marathon bombing is old news? (Buzzer sounding loudly) Wrong! Just 2 days ago, I uploaded what people are