Fix the Media – Protect the Grand Conspiracy, Media’s Job One

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There’s no doubt that this first show in our new time slot on Saturday nights is the best yet. It’s chalk full of fun crap and super interesting information; even

Fix the Media – Post Election Show – Congratulations Trumperinos!

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Marvel at the government that just won’t come clean! Maybe Trump can scrub off at least the surface filth. But the situation is the same as it was before Tuesday’s

Fix the Media – Will 2016 Be the Year of the Leak?

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The alternate title for this show is, “You’re Going to Jail, Girl!” And I don’t have to tell you which “girl” we’re referring to. Have you been paying any attention

Fix the Media – AT&T Buys Time Warner, But It Doesn’t Matter

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We’ve crammed a lot into this week’s show. The AT&T Time Warner consolidation and its impact on the greater media, a review of Media Research Center’s study proving the media

Fix the Media – Lennon, the Beatles & Jackson

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Lennon, the Beatles & Jackson are actors used by the media to make a society of servants. I realize this is a bold statement. It is only speculative and one