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You are the hero in your own story. And together, we are the heroes that will end the era of media corruption.


Fix the media isn't just a radio show or podcast. It's also an IMS project that seeks to expose and curb media corruption. Fix the Media is just beginning to take shape and eventually will become a movement that will restore trust in the media by returning it to the people.

We are the products of the media marketplace. We were sold like slaves to the likes of CBS and the New York Times. And they're not going to let their investment go to waste.

You know it. We know it. The media is corrupt. And it's up to us to change that.


No truly independent news source that threatens the main-stream monopoly can hope to expose truth to large numbers of people. The entire main-stream media marketplace now acts as one repressive force. That force, combined with government support and protection has created an almost impenetrable barrier.

It's definitely a numbers game. But it's also a game that invites creativity and cunning. Fix the Media is creative and cunning. However, in order to grow the movement to sufficient size will require a union. No matter how unnatural or counterintuitive it may seem, we must consolidate our efforts. Only by joining forces in solidarity will we become a force massive enough to achieve our shared goals.


If there's one thing that might be learned from working within groups with political or ideological aims, it's that dissagreements often tear them apart. Imagine what the results would be, were you to pair Ronald Reagan with Gloria Steinem on a project to invent a new political party. In that case, you'd think too little agreement exists to even get started.

But what if the task at hand were far simpler; far more specific? Could Reagan and Steinem collaborate to achieve a simple goal? What if the only firm tenent of their new party was opposition to being ruled by a monarch? It's very possible they could work together to achieve a common goal, were it that simple and straight-forward.

And so, a guiding principle of Fix the Media is to set very simple goals that are both reasonable and appealing. To stray from this would likely make it impossible to gain the support and numbers needed to fix the media.

The goals of the movement are three fold.

1. Cut Corruption & Chronyism

Prevent media corruption by cutting the ties between the press, corporations and government.

2. Improve Reporting

Grant the privilege of reporting news on public airwaves only to Americans who respect the responsibility and prevent opportunities for profit or personal gain.

3. Re-Establish Trust

Re-establish trust between Americans and the press by reporting news that serves the public's interests and work together as watchdogs against corruption.


So, you ask what's the detailed strategy behind the project? Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?

It's absolutely critical that the project unfold in phases. Having the element of surprise has its benefits as well. However, the project isn't going to succeed if it's built on secrets. All project details will be revealed to its participants in due time.