Fix the Media – WTF Happened to the Show? And More!

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Hello again. Surprise. On this show I answer the age old question that historical revisionists have been arguing over with feverish furver, but in total futility, ‘what happened to the

Fix the Media – Reading from the Sacred Fix the Media Scrolls on Xmas Eve

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Congratulations! To IMS that is, for nearly reaching the next phase of the Fix the Media project. In this show we learn some initial details about the next phase of

Fix the Media – Spiders & Owls: A Preview

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If you haven’t seen my lastest documentary, you should. It’s part 2 in a 2 part series, so you should probably watch part 1 (both links below) before being thrust

Fix the Media – Last Gab-Fest of 2016

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Yes, it happens. I missed last weeks show after throwing my back out and being under the influence of morphine. Just kidding, about the morphine that is. But it was

Fix the Media – The 9/11 Show: 9/11 Was A Smoke Screen

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This show is devoted entirety to understanding a unique perspective of 9/11. There was no esoteric or symbolic nature to 9/11. At its root the events had nothing to do